About Flexi-Flo™

Flexi-Flo GRP/Fibreglass flat roof waterproofing system uses the very latest in polyester resin technology to deliver a seamless waterproof membrane that is tough, durable, attractive and guaranteed watertight for a minimum of 25 years.

Highly versatile, Flexi-Flo can mould around any shape and yet still maintain its seamless form, avoiding the dangers of leaks posed by overlapped joints. For extra peace of mind, Flexi-Flo is finished with a fire retardant coating.

Available in a variety of different specifications depending on the roof and its location, the variations include;

  • A range of colours are available for your roof if required.
  • Finishing in a textured non-slip coating is available for areas where significant foot traffic will occur or simply for the aesthetic value.
  • Adding Insulation to increase the thermal efficiency of the property.
  • Adding roof lights or skylights to bring in extra natural light.
  • Replacing facias and guttering around the roof to improve its function and appearance.
  • Add a sedum ‘Green’ roof to create more greenspace and a new dimension to your home.
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